29 September 2023
The modern financial landscape is continuously evolving, driven by a demand for more seamless, efficient, and user-centric solutions. In particular, clients in corporate banking want easy-to-use services for managing money, making payments, and tracking expenses efficiently. They seek for digital banking platforms that are not only frictionless but also responsive, enhancing growth and reducing time-to-market
29 August 2023
There is a lot of pressure to protect free access to cash in the community. However, as we know, there is a cost to handling cash that banks and ATM operators need to control. For some time, experts have discussed the need for leaner, more efficient cash management processes and more predictive inventory systems. For
The Benefits of Upgrading Your ATM Software and Architecture
18 July 2023
Banks want to provide customers with an omnichannel experience. This includes a comprehensive set of services that use all digital channels and self-service automation. Not to mention, addressing the challenge of reducing infrastructure and operational costs. Self-service banking can offer tremendous benefits to customers who want secure access to their cash, deposit and other banking
16 June 2023
Open banking is changing how customers use financial services and automating the process of signing up. It also provides valuable data for creating personalized business offers. Nevertheless, the uprising is still ongoing. The convergence and melding of finance and data enables a new model: banking-as-a-service. This shift paves the way for enhanced security, increased cross