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  • How to make the most of ATMs in the digital age

    ATMs in the digital age

    As there has been an increase in customer demand for a digitally enabled omnichannel consumer experience, the role of the ATM as an important channel for accessing banking services, has been challenged.

    However, the ATM and its family of devices are essential to the infrastructure of the modern branch, as they can offer 24 hours of local or remote services across a whole range of products and services.

    This means that financial organisations need to take action now with policies that preserve and improve access to cash and services, whilst also addressing operational costs and changing customer habits.

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  • Cybersecurity for the Next Generation of Branch Banking

    cybersecurity branch

    Digitalization and cybersecurity are two concepts that go hand in hand. With the progressive transfer of financial services to the digital space, security needs to be reinvented, no matter what channel customers are using.

    As a desired target for cybercriminals, financial institutions have been forced to deploy comprehensive, intelligent and proactive security strategies.

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  • What lies ahead for the banking industry in 2021?

    Banking Industry Trends 2021

    It is time to step back and take a look at 2020, consider the lessons learnt and the trends likely to emerge in the banking sector in the next 12 months.

    Banks must demonstrate a solid understanding of the current industry landscape and stay aligned with customers’ needs and expectations in order to differentiate themselves against competitors.

    With that being said, we want to kick off this new year with a list of 2021 banking trends, which we believe will impact the industry in the upcoming months.

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  • The Current State of Cybersecurity for ATMs

    Cybersecurity for ATMs

    ATMs have now become a popular point of exploitation for cybercriminals.

    Read on to find out how banks can use effective countermeasures with the Lookwise Device Manager (LDM) security solution to stop current and future types of cyberattacks.

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  • Evolution of ATM acquiring software

    Evolution of ATM Acquiring Software

    Traditional ATM Acquiring architecture needs an infrastructure upgrade to be able to remain relevant within the context of an increasingly wide range of digital channels and changing customer behaviours.

    Happily, technology has evolved and a Channel Integration model has emerged which looks to be able to solve many of the problems that ATMs are coming up against.

    In a digital first world, the ATM of the future has the potential to be pivotal, and to complement, enhance and even replace branches, helping banks meet the challenges they face from all quarters.

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  • Understanding Lean Bank Branches and the benefits of this model for both customers and banks

    Lean Bank Branch - White paper

    Lean bank branches are physical locations in which banking services have been optimised to maximise efficiency, slash operating costs and boost customer satisfaction.

    Find out the four key reasons banks should consider investing once the Coronavirus lockdown is over.

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  • Banking Technology Trends Set to Shape 2020

    Banking Trends 2020 - White Paper

    It goes without saying that 2019 was a busy year for the banking sector but what does 2020 have in store for banking?

    Here are the top 5 banking technology trends that will define 2020.

    This white paper explores the top 5 banking trends that will define the industry throughout the year and how banks need to prepare.

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  • How can Banks use Technology to Humanise Services?

    Banking for Humanity - White Paper

    Many customers say banks can be faceless to deal with.

    A new concept called “banking for humanity” and popularised by a top fintech guru, attempts to remedy this.

    But, how can banks use technology to humanise their services and be more empathetic?

    This white paper considers some of the likely steps.

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  • The Value of Investing in In-branch Video Banking

    In-branch video banking - white paper

    To survive in today’s market, banks have to think differently. Investing in innovative technologies such as video banking – as part of a digital transformation – is one way financial institutions are adapting.

    This doesn’t mean humans will be made redundant, but it does mean their roles will change.

    So, as banks pilot or expand their video banking plans, what should they consider?

    Follow our 5 easy tips to stay in the know.

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  • Generation Z - The Next Wave of Customers for Banks

    Generation Z - White paper

    For a decade or more, banks have been targeting the Millennial customer born between 1980 and 1994.

    But today Millennials are as likely to be senior managers within many retail banks.

    So perhaps attention should shift to the next wave of new customers called Generation Z?

    This white paper explores Generation Z, their behaviours, attitudes to banks and finance, and how banks can appeal to them.

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  • How can Banks Balance Digital Transformation with IT Costs?

    IT Costs in Bank - White Paper

    Digital transformation can mean huge IT costs.

    While traditional banks are absolutely right to invest, how can they do it in a way that doesn’t overstretch their budget?

    Discover Auriga’s top tips for banks saving money while future-proofing their business.

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  • The importance of cash and ATMs in today’s payments landscape

    White Paper - Banking - Importance of Cash and ATMS

    Cash and ATMs still have an important role to play in our everyday lives, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

    However not all banks are able to leverage the full potential of self-service devices: banks that do not invest enough in their ATMs risk missing out on inherent benefits of the technology, such as improving customer engagement and creating new opportunities and services.

    Download the white paper to find out what banks should be doing to retain customers and mantain access to cash.

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  • Extreme Remote Banking: how and why banks should make investing a priority?

    White Paper Banking - Extreme Remote Banking

    Extreme remote banking – a term encompassing the provision of banking services in extremely remote, rural communities – should be a key focus for every UK retail bank right now.


    There are potential ramifications of new legislation on banks, as well as ethical debates around the accessibility of financial services in small communities.

    Banks should therefore invest in and maintain remote banking to avoid missing out on not just revenue opportunities, but more importantly, valuable relationships with customers.

    Download the white paper to find out what should banks be doing to improve access to financial services in small communities and remote areas.

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  • Top Banking Trends for 2019 and How Banks Need to Prepare

    Banking Trends for 2019

    What does 2019 have in store for banking?

    This white paper explores the key banking trends that will shape the industry throughout the year and how banks need to prepare.

    Discover how bank branch location, fintech partnerships, AI experimentation and more will impact banking over the next twelve months in our white paper.

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  • ATMs and Age Friendly Banking Services to Tackle the Ageing Population Boom

    ATM Accessibility - White Paper - Banking

    When it comes to demographic trends impacting access to financial services, there has been a heavy emphasis on how the Millennials – or digital natives – are going shake up the way people bank.

    However, there is a bigger demographic tidal wave hitting the sector with our society becoming more and more dominated by ageing consumers. Banks need to adapt to a sharp increase in the number or older consumers.

    Download the white paper to find out how financial institutions should respond to the ageing population trend and improve accessibility for elderly customers.

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  • Why banks need to rethink their approach to the cloud

    Bank Cloud White Paper - Banking

    Key banking channels are hugely important to customer engagement and are nearly all in the cloud, with the ATM being left relatively untouched by cloud technologies and locked away from potential benefits.

    Exploiting cloud technologies provides the best approach, and sits somewhere in between the ‘fat’ and ‘thin’ client approaches – a solution often known as a “Smart Client”.

    Download the white paper to find out why banks need to consider a cloud-based ATM architecture to facilitate innovation to revolutionise performance and customer experience.

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  • The role of Big Data in banking and how it can drive a successful omnichannel strategy

    Big Data Banking - White Paper - Banking

    Big Data, also known as ‘digital black gold‘, is a real gold mine in terms of extracting value.

    Starting from the extracted historical customer data, a bank can motivate customers and improve the interaction with them.

    Retail banking is forecast to be one of the industries which will experience the most economic benefits from big data, though the use of it isn’t without its challenges for retail banks.

    Discover how financial institutions can turn data into action and business value in our white paper.

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  • What trends should banks be aware of as we move into 2018?

    Banking trends for 2018 - White Paper - Banking

    2018: what lies ahead for the banking industry?

    We expect to see a few large changes in 2018, all centered around digital transformation and self-service software.

    Download the white paper to discover which key banking trends lie ahead and our insight on how banks can prepare to face this year’s challenges.

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  • Three things to think about when bringing chatbots into your bank

    Chatbots in Bank - White Paper - Banking

    Artificial intelligence is on the rise, and companies everywhere are exploring how this technology can help enhance the customer experience.

    As well as explaining the three key considerations for banks bringing chatbots into the customer service experience, this whitepaper considers the future of chatbots in banking.

    Download the white paper and find out why AI promises to be a win-win for both banks and their customers.

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  • Could your bank cashier soon be replaced by chatbots?

    Cashier Replaced - White Paper - Banking

    50 years ago the first ATM marked a fundamental shift in the banking sector, and chatbots are a continuation of this automation trend.

    Although banks will undoubtedly face some teething issues along the way, the trend towards AI in banking suggests that it will be instrumental in delivering a smarter and more personalised service to clients.

    Download the white paper to find out what further work is needed if these systems are to truly revolutionise the bank-client relationship.

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  • The Internet of Things in the world of banking: potential or reality?

    IoT in Banking - White Paper - Banking

    Big Data and huge swathes of information can be harnessed to improve the customer experience.

    Although there is some way to go before banking can be truly included in the Internet of Things, it is certainly on its way, especially considering the huge innovation potential of this phenomenon.

    Download the white paper to find out more about Internet of Things and the potential for its use in banking.

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  • The challenge of digital transformation: Farewell to the traditional bank branch?

    Digital Transformation - White Paper - Banking

    The phrase “branch of the future” is more popular than ever and the challenge of a diversification in the way in which customers bank today in real.

    Generational changes in expectations also mean the smartphone generation wants more than functionalism and customisation; they want maximum value and a heightened customer experience.

    Discover how bank branches must change to fit into the varying needs and wants of today’s customers, across all generations.

    Download the white paper to find out how banks must rethink and reposition branches – the cornerstone of sales and underwriting of financial products – in their distribution strategy and relationships with customers.

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  • It is clear cash is here to stay, but banks need to improve their offering

    Cash and Banks - White Paper - Banking

    Personalising the customer experience at the ATM channel allows banks to provide a tailored and individual experience, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

    This can be achieved in a variety of ways, from sending messages prompting the purchase of a new product to allowing customers to personalise their online, mobile and ATM banking service.

    Auriga’s WinWebServer software suite allows customers to go one step further. Find out how in our white paper.

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  • Smart ATMs: Getting the Most from Your ATMs

    Smart ATM - White Paper - Banking

    As the number of staffed bank branches declines in the UK, the smart ATM stands as a profitable solution.

    It allows bank customers to not only withdraw cash and check their bank balances, but also replicates the services normally found behind the bank counter.

    Download the white paper to discover why the UK is the ideal environment for smart ATMs and their extensive range of capabilities.

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