25 March 2024
Banks need to focus on making cash, ATMs, and electronic payments more sustainable as they work towards their green goals. Cashless payments and digital money have a growing carbon footprint that financial institutions must take into account. Deploying sustainable ATMs Managing ATMs well and handling cash responsibly can make using cash eco-friendly. A few years
19 February 2024
More often than not, Artificial intelligence (AI) is seen as a doomsday topic by some, but others believe AI has the potential to change the world. With the UK being set to become the global hub of AI regulation, it creates trusted and responsible technology. We cannot hide away from AI and machine learning in
25 January 2024
As physical bank branches close on high streets across the UK, cash is becoming increasingly sparse. It is also being used as an essential part to protect against the cost-of-living crisis. The UK saw a record breaking day on 22 December 2023 where more than £62 million in cash was withdrawn from Post Office branches. In the
Trends 2024 retail banks Blog
13 December 2023
2024 will be another major year of change and challenge for retail banks. Our hope is that we see some retail banks take a more ambitious approach to digital self-service banking and not simply mark the year by more branch and ATM network cuts that harm customers. Will the brakes be applied on branch and