16 June 2023
Open banking is changing how customers use financial services and automating the process of signing up. It also provides valuable data for creating personalized business offers. Nevertheless, the uprising is still ongoing. The convergence and melding of finance and data enables a new model: banking-as-a-service. This shift paves the way for enhanced security, increased cross
Making sure Shared Banking Hubs Deliver Age-Friendly Banking
11 May 2023
Developing age-friendly banking services in an increasingly digital age has been a rumbling issue for years. Back in 2016, for example, the UK’s financial regulator, the FCA, published a series of papers on the need for age-friendly banking as the number of UK branches were halved. Since then, the conditions that may risk causing financial
03 April 2023
A recent report from the MetabaseQ cybersecurity company reveals a new ATM jackpotting malware variant, dubbed FiXS, infecting ATMs in Mexico. ATM Jackpotting attacks use malware to steal large amounts of cash from an ATM without having to use a credit or debit card. 1.1 FiXS: New ATM Malware, old techniques Identified in February 2023, FiXS uses
ATMaaS Managed Serviced blog en
14 March 2023
Banks are faced with various challenges, from cost pressures to customers’ rising expectations, and are struggling to adopt scalable strategies for delivering excellent service. They have a greater focus on self-service and automation, changing the shape and flow of traditional branches. For example, tellers have become consultants focused on selling value-added services rather than simple