Excellence in help desk software

WWS Perfect is the software platform for the management and analysis of calls and requests processed by the help desk operators. It is an integrated, multibank and omnichannel tool that answers a fundamental strategic need: to build a relationship with the customer that creates maximum customer satisfaction.

WWS Perfect, integrated with the Perfect Web and Simply-IVR modules, makes the following available to banks:

  • A complete and flexible software platform to support the activities of the call centre in:
  • Defining and coding the management procedure for each call received, through a series of predefined answering models and response procedures, based on various criteria: history of client requests, products, services and banking brands.
  • Streamlining the management of help desk requests. The software can supply fast, accurate and coherent answers with the possibility of adding information on the actions taken, during the different phases and making this information available for all the network operators.
  • A detailed monitoring and analysis tool of the help desk’s processes, aimed at:
  • Constantly having under control detailed information on all client relationship activities
  • Carry out complex business intelligence analysis that allows one to know about trends, dynamics and any critical situations in the service with the to improve it

Perfect Web

In order to support these activities Auriga has developed Perfect Web, an online platform that enables the real-time monitoring of every step of the process, everywhere in the world.

With Perfect Web it is possible to:

  • Monitor every single activity
  • Check the length and tone of phone calls: distribution and concentration during week days, hours, bank brand, product/service and individual client
  • Identify and analyse the type of problems and the more frequently asked requests
  • Consult the history of calls
  • Create summaries and analytical reports according to different criteria

Features of WWS Perfect

Multiproduct, multibank, multioperator

  • it can be set up and personalised to handle the assistance activities on different product/service lines and bank brands.
  • it can manage various operators’ profiles and coordinate them even when they are located in different offices


It facilitates and enables client relationship management through various communication channels: landline, mobile phone, fax and e-mail. It is integrated with Simply-IVR the interactive automated answering system developed by Auriga that enables one to:

  • Identify the client who requires assistance, through a user code/PIN number
  • Forward calls to the first available operator or to the one in charge of a specific product or service
  • Send information regarding the client through a pop screen with information taken from the database
  • Record voicemails by the client, so that they can be called back when operators are unavailable
  • Send requests (e-mail) to a second level operator in the event that the first one is unable to solve the problem

Problem solving

WWS Perfect guarantees a significant reduction in problem determination time as it allows operators to access in real-time all the information present in the database regarding client history, records of problems and their solutions.