Proactive Network Monitoring

Proactive Monitoring of Self-Service Networks

WinWebServer (WWS) has been engineered to provide the highest service availability across all self-service channels. WWS provides a proven and extensive suite of automated monitoring, diagnostic, and self-healing features that maximise business continuity and the ease of operational use.

The diagnostic power of WWS combined with a range of automated and operator initiated resolutions results in dramatic reductions in costly downtime and the need for onsite maintenance.

WinWebServer (WWS): Peace of Mind for Self-Service Networks

Intelligent Integrity Monitoring

WinWebServer (WWS) is easily configured to automatically check the service integrity of all system components including the web servers, application servers, and the database servers. The diagnostic information is also published as XML status reports that can optionally be accessed by third party management systems. The WWS integrity monitoring also includes automated checks to prevent DNS attacks against the corporate websites.

The WWS integrity monitoring simulates real transaction workload and the intelligent diagnostics accurately identifies any faults or performance bottlenecks. With WWS it is easy to optimally balance the workload across the available hardware resources to ensure the maximum service availability and responsiveness.

Automated Resolutions

WinWebServer (WWS) can be configured to automatically resolve an extensive range of faults and log the corresponding resolutions for subsequent review. Automated alerts are generated for any issues requiring manual intervention.

Where appropriate, WWS will also create a trouble ticket so that the necessary resolution steps can be closely managed according to SLA policies. In addition, WWS is easily integrated with third party maintenance providers to automate the notification of problem areas and further reduce down time.

Faster, More Accurate Analysis

WinWebServer (WWS) provides effective diagnostic information at a variety of levels to simplify and fast track the investigation and resolution of problems. For example, transaction summary details and easy access to electronic journals give a rapid understanding of the overall status of an ATM device.

In many cases this information is enough to correctly identify and resolve fault conditions. In addition, WWS also provides interactive access to the Smart Client on the remote ATM for a more detailed analysis of the device’s peripherals and operation. WWS also provides an intensive diagnostic option for particularly obscure faults.

The extensive range of diagnostic information combined with the ability to remotely control the remote resolution options ensures that downtime and onsite maintenance is kept to an absolute minimum resulting in significant cost savings and greater consumer satisfaction.


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