Accessibility of banking service

Committed to Services Accessibility

Auriga is fully committed to providing world class omnichannel banking services to all consumers.

Consequently Auriga is continually investing in the development of new accessibility enhancements to improve the banking experience for people with disabilities.

WinWebServer (WWS): Easily accessible banking services for everyone

WinWebServer (WWS) accessibility enhancements include:

  • Auriga solutions are fully compliant with the W3C guidelines on web accessibility;
  • Auriga’s mobile applications make use of the native screen reading technology and voice guidance provided by the device’s operating system;
  • The option of high visibility user interfaces for ATMs and kiosks for the visually impaired;
  • Support for full audio guidance for ATMs and kiosks fitted with an audio jack. If no audio jack is available the consumer can still enjoy full audio guidance using Auriga’s PlainPay application on their Smartphone;
  • The option of high visibility user interfaces within the Internet Banking channel for the visually impaired.

WWS enhanced accessibility solutions



WWS Mobile