WWS Simply Check

Web under control

A web application for real-time monitoring of all the virtual banking channels, in order to guarantee the highest level of security and service continuity.

Features of WWS Simply Check

  • Efficiency control of the service and the vital parameters of web applications and web server.
  • Possibility of real-time monitoring or with a predefined schedule at intervals, according to the functions.
  • Instant warning system for the technical team via visual signals, e-mail and SMS.
  • A display panel for operator assisted control, integrated in the application.
  • System to log anomalies indicating their cause and length of malfunction.
  • Management platform for the control processes: operator interventions, services, options and processes of warning.

WWS Simply Check checks

  • DNS-IP
  • Webserver
  • Application server
  • XML probes
  • Database
  • Temperature C.E.D.