How to manage ATMs
30 November 2020
Access to cash is a serious issue in the UK and the pandemic isn’t helping, with 22% of UK respondents to a Mastercard survey saying they’ve stopped using it entirely. This is backed by Bank of England’s latest findings, which indicated that the volume and value of cash withdrawn from the ATM network overseen by
Marketing Strategy in Banking
20 October 2020
We cannot underestimate the importance of adopting a seamless and channel-integrated marketing strategy for banking, aimed at offering a personalised customer experience and delivering the right message (at the right moment) whichever channel the customer is using. In our digital age, consumers fuel the omnichannel revolution and expect a frictionless experience in each aspect of
2020 banking predictions
16 September 2020
Where were we? Looking back on our predictions for banks from the start of the year, it’s fair to say no one could have known how the year would turn out and how big the impact of the coronavirus pandemic would have on the banking industry. Having said that, our expectations about the key trends
07 August 2020
The current pandemic’s impact on individuals and organisations within the banking sector is ever evolving. It has been predicted that the economic environment post-coronavirus is likely to be tough, with a long and difficult journey to recovery. In the past few months, financial organisations have attempted to show adaptability and flexibility in these times by