WWS ATM is a proven, fully integrated ATM management solution that delivers significant reductions in operational and technology costs while improving system availability and the time to market for new services.

It is easily deployed on any combination of WOSA/XFS compliant ATMs, cash deposit terminals, cash recyclers, and kiosk devices.



WWS ATM is a highly scalable 3-tier client-server solution built with the most advanced web technologies.

The ATM services are centrally managed and easily deployed on any combination of vendor ATMs and models.

The Smart Client application installed on each ATM device contains all of the local workflows required to guarantee flawless operations in an unattended mode.

The operational robustness of the Smart Client architecture, coupled with the ability to centrally manage the ATM services across all ATMs, gives WWS ATM distinct advantages over both the “thin-client” and “fat-client” alternatives.

In addition, it consistently delivers the highest levels of service, even when faced with limited or fluctuating network quality. its superior performance gives Banks the greatest possible choice in where to locate their ATMs leading to greater profit opportunities and customer satisfaction.


WWS ATM has been certified on an extensive range of hardware from leading manufacturers including NCR, Diebold Nixdorf, Hyosung, Keba, and Sigma. It is fully compliant with CEN ISSS/XFS 3.x, EMV, and PA-DSS standards and is certified on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 10 based terminals.


Research shows that banks gain considerable cost advantages by separating the procurement of ATM hardware and software components. Furthermore, the use of vendor independent ATM software provides added advantages as the software vendor is completely unbiased regarding the ATM hardware selection.

WWS ATM also has the unique advantage of being pre-certified on an extensive range of ATM models by an independent certification authority.


The WWS ATM solution provides everything required to manage an ATM network including terminal driving, cash reconciliation, remote key management, proactive network monitoring, trouble ticketing, software download management, and one-to-one personalised marketing.

With this solution, there are no added costs or complexities resulting from the need for third party products. It provides all of the required services in a proven, easily managed, and fully integrated package.


WWS ATM is a highly modular solution and is easily deployed as a fully integrated solution or in discrete phases.

The terminal driving, proactive ATM monitoring, and personalised marketing components can all be integrated with existing systems in any combination to address specific business objectives.


WWS ATM is highly scalable and is equally well suited to large networks exceeding 10,000 ATMs and small networks of a few hundred ATMs.

This solution is deployed on over 34,000 ATM devices making it the leading European multivendor and vendor independent ATM software.


WWS ATM offers the most extensive suite of off-the-shelf ATM banking services available.

It includes over 100 configurable self-service functions for access through the ATM channel (or any other self- service channel).

The comprehensive library of proven banking services means that it can be implemented significantly faster than traditional ATM management systems.


WWS ATM provides a seamless consumer experience across all channels including both banking and personalised marketing services.

In addition, a range of cross-channel services are also supported allowing consumers to pre-stage transactions on their phone for later completion at the ATM for greater safety and convenience.

Visually impaired users can also receive voice navigation assistance through their mobile phones when conducting ATM transactions.


The WWS ATM solution has a consistent track record of 100% service availability for the application server.

Using WWS typically improves the ATM network availability by a full percentage point over previous levels and regularly exceeds 98.7% network availability.


WWS ATM is easily integrated with any number of external data providers including authorisation hosts, CRM systems, and third party service providers.

The WWS architecture and standardised connector components ensure that new data providers can be connected to the WWS system without disruption to the existing business services.


WWS ATM is a true multi-institution solution and well suited to processor environments.

The multi-institution features include segregated information storage and access, support for bank groups and hierarchies, and the ability to integrate with different back end systems for each financial institution.

It can automatically use the cardholder’s profile to present the appropriate screen layouts and marketing campaigns regardless of the actual ATM being used.