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WWS ATM is a well proven, fully integrated ATM management solution based on the fault tolerant WinWebServer (WWS) Architecture. WWS ATM is a Smart Client solution that provides centralised control for any WOSA/XFS compliant ATMs, cash deposit terminals, cash recyclers and kiosks.

WWS Mobile

WWS Mobile is a well proven, highly secure, mobile banking and payments solution that delivers the widest range of banking services in the most cost effective way.

WWS Proactive Monitoring Omnia

WWS Proactive Monitoring Omnia is a robust and proven Multi-Vendor solution providing the highest network availability for your self-service devices including ATMs, kiosks and Assisted Service Devices.
WWS Proactive Monitoring Omnia delivers significant reductions in operational and technology costs while also improving system availability and business performance. As a consequence your customers will enjoy a trouble-free banking experience.

Lookwise Device Manager

Lookwise Device Manager (LDM) is a centralized and modular OT cybersecurity platform that offers a comprehensive set of functionalities to protect, monitor and control your critical devices.

WWS One to One OMNIA

WWS one to one (WWS OTO) is a robust and proven ATM marketing solution that transforms the impersonal self-service device into a personalised communication channel and delivers a more engaging experience for your customers.

WWS Signage

The Ultimate in Compelling Digital Branch Communication.

WWS Greæter

The Ultimate in Branch Customer Service.

WWS Cash Management

WWS Cash Management is an effective and efficient multivendor and multichannel solution allowing banks to manage the end-to-end cash management process, increasing self-service availability and reducing the cash procurement costs for all cash points, inside and outside the branch (ATMs, ASDs, TARMs, TCRs).

WWS Customer Management

WWS Customer Management is an exciting extension of the robust and proven WWS Branch suite that fully streamlines the consumer’s in-branch banking experience.

WWS Asset Management

WWS Asset Management is the application module of the WinWebServer (WWS) suite devoted to surveying, auditing and analysing all devices deployed throughout the bank’s network.


WWS Business Analytics Management (WWS BAM) is the Data Analytics application module of the WWS software suite. Its powerful features offer banks a full view of all data from active retail channels and services available to customers.


The #NextGenBranch

The solutions that leverages advanced self-service and an integrated omnichannel software platform, creating a branch where technology has a pivotal role, to increase process efficiency and optimize performance.