Bank building
16 July 2023
The ongoing reduction of bank branches has had a strong impact on the accessibility of banking services for communities, especially in remote areas. To ensure access to financial services and optimise branch running costs, shared banking hub initiatives continue to emerge as an alternative. Here is a collection of the most interesting articles published in
Kelum Dissanayake to lead Auriga- growth in South East Asia-press-review
30 June 2023
Auriga expands its international presence with the appointment of Kelum Dissanayake as new Sales Account & Business Development Manager for South East Asia. Leveraging his 18 years’ expertise in ICT and finance, Kelum will drive business growth, implementing innovative strategies that enhance customers experiences and improve operational efficiencies within financial institutions. Here is an overview of the articles published in the press covering
Protection from atm malware
22 March 2023
ATMs are often poorly monitored and little logical action is taken to protect the data in them. They are a weak link in a bank’s security system and the most appealing target for cyebercriminals. How should banks and ATM operators best prevent attacks? For ATMs, anti-malware technology is just not enough. ATM networks and systems
02 February 2023
Auriga announces a new milestone, taking the majority shareholding in F1 Solutions, a Warsaw-based, multi-vendor ATM, cash management and cash recycler software vendor. The F1 TPS suite manages all self-service operations optimally with full insight. The takeover deals with Auriga’s international growth strategy, helping the business strengthen the presence in Central and Eastern Europe, as