Bank building
06 September 2022
The ongoing reduction of bank branches has had a strong impact on the accessibility of banking services for communities, especially in remote areas. To ensure access to financial services and optimise branch running costs, shared banking hub initiatives continue to emerge as an alternative. Here is a collection of the most interesting articles published in
FCA Financial Conduct Authority logo on the smartphone and finge
26 August 2022
With the Financial Conduct Authority closing the consultation on how banks manage branch and ATM closures and whether the guidance on these matters should be chanced, Auriga examined the situation and shared its perspective on what could happen next. For a substantial number of people, indeed, having access to in-person banking services is still crucial
Traditional Bank Branch
29 July 2022
Digital transformation and innovation in technology have had a strong impact on the supply of banking services to customers and the bank-to-customer relationship. Banks need to prepare themselves for unprecedented challenges by adapting their strategies, to keep pace with new technologies and maintain a competitive edge in the long term. Auriga is committed to research
Protection from atm malware
07 July 2022
ATMs are often poorly monitored and little logical action is taken to protect the data in them. They are a weak link in a bank’s security system and the most appealing target for cyebercriminals. How should banks and ATM operators best prevent attacks? For ATMs, anti-malware technology is just not enough. ATM networks and systems