One to One Marketing

Increase Revenues using Personalised Marketing

WinWebServer (WWS) provides extensive marketing and customer relationship services including customer-specific messages and promotional offers, and marketing campaigns targeting specific locations and customer segments. With WWS every banking channel can be transformed into an efficient communication tool that enhances the consumer’s experience and maximises the opportunity to sell new services.

WinWebServer (WWS): Increased profits and customer loyalty

Flexible and Interactive

Marketing campaigns and messages can be easily defined and tracked from a central console and delivered through any combination of channels. Business intelligence analytics and reporting provides clear insights into the progress and success of each campaign


Personalised one-to-one messages can be uniquely tailored using the client profile information retrieved from the CRM system. Messages can include service advices (for example “please collect your new card”) as well as sales promotions and pre-approved offers.

Cross selling and up selling messages and personalised marketing campaigns can be easily defined using any combination of client categories including age, area of residence, profession, and clients who have previously bought specific products.


WinWebServer (WWS) is easily integrated with a CRM system or managed separately using preloaded customer information. A rich variety of marketing services are supported including:

  • Marketing of introductory offers to non-customers to attract new customers
  • Co-marketing campaigns with third parties including the distribution of electronic coupons and the printing of coupons at ATMs and kiosks
  • Interactive market surveys using any channel allowing consumers to provide immediate feedback on their needs and preferences
  • Video conferencing from ATM and kiosk devices
  • RSS feeds for the real time delivery of promotional information and news


WinWebServer (WWS) supports the creation of personalised marketing campaigns through a central console and the delivery of these campaigns over any channel in a coherent manner. This ensures that the consumer receives a consistent marketing experience regardless of how they interact with the bank.

WWS marketing services can be delivered using:

  • ATMs and kiosks
  • Digital signage within the branch
  • Internet & Corporate banking
  • Bank’s own applications
  • Mobile banking
  • Social networks

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