Digital channels are increasingly growing, becoming more and more hybrid. To deliver a seamless integrated and automated bank experience, hence, omnichannel marketing strategies must be supported by the most advanced technology.

WWS One to One OMNIA is the WinWebServer (WWS) module for the planning and editing of marketing and customer relations campaigns, starting from a centralised control panel with the possibility of diversifying and personalising messages and services, not only across the self-service channel but on all active touchpoints.

The various modules of One to One application allow to deploy segmentation, to manage the multimedia library, to devise multimedia campaigns including texts, graphics, images and videos, set up campaigns and publish them on predefined channels.

The solution’s practical and functional approach makes it possible to oversee all the stages of a marketing campaign development in a simple and effective way.



Define the timings of the campaigns and the “marketing elements” to be delivered on the Self-Service network, with the possibility of choosing them according to different criteria:

  • Bank code
  • Different self service groups or single self service machine situated in geographical areas
  • Self service machine located in specific locations (for example shopping centres)
  • Groups or categories of clients (for example by age, area of residence, profile taken from CRM, etc.)
  • Individual clients (CRM)


Possibility of real-time monitoring or scheduled at predefined stages depending on features.
With WWS One to One OMNIA , it is possible to access statistical analysis tools on the progress of campaigns, which can be displayed in a single dashboard.


Each banking channel turns into a marketing tool allowing a unique and uniform message to be delivered in line with the bank’s strategy.

As part of a multi-message marketing plan, the solution enables campaigns to be differentiated according to their specific purpose: Information and promotional messages, Direct-to-customer messages, Contextual Marketing messages, Interactive feedback request messages.

It also allows to define when and how specific one-to-one messages should be displayed within a session.


Personalise the menu layout and functions for:

  • Different banking brands
  • Groups of self service terminals
  • Groups of clients


Create interactive campaigns with the possibility of:

  • Managing surveys for clients, differentiated by groups of clients or other criteria (Bank code, geographic position, etc.)
  • Receive and manage answers through a specific analysis platform able to calculate the redemption of each direct marketing campaign


Personalise the functions menu, starting from the profile of an individual client so as to:

  • Be able to first and foremost offer to the clients the functions that they use in an easy and instant manner, on the basis of a scoring system;
  • Offer the client the functions that the bank wishes to promote


Give the client the possibility to personalise their own collection of services on all banking channels:

  • Widget/favourites logic on mobile and Internet banking, with the possibility to personalise the functions on the homepage
  • Possibility of displaying the same collection of functions on all channels for banking access

With WWS One to One OMNIA it is possible to create a new banking experience not only for the customer. By building the appropriate message at the right time, in the right place with a single Omnichannel solution, it fits the bank’s business strategy and follows the customer journey in a holistic logic.