WWS Cash Handling

Instant Remote Cash Deposits

WWS Cash Handling is a secure and automated solution for Retailers that eliminates the costs, risks, and delays associated with traditional cash deposit options. By using it retailers can make convenient cash deposits using in store cash deposit terminals and receive immediate credits to their accounts.

WWS Cash Handling : Real Time Cash Deposits for Retailers

New Revenues

Banks can deploy the WWS module to enhance their relationships with their Retailer clients and generate new revenue opportunities.


WWS Cash Handling securely manages all aspects of the deposit and reconciliation cycle giving peace of mind for the deploying bank and the Retailers using the service. A variety of authentication options are available to identify the operator depositing the funds. All cash collections from participating stores are tracked using secure bar code identifiers and the retrieved funds reconciled with the electronic records.


This solution provides peace of mind management of the remote deposits service with full alerting of any process anomalies and clear reporting of all funds deposited and received.


Retailers subscribing to the Cash Handling service enjoy several benefits including:

  • A choice of secure and convenient access control to deposit terminals
  • Immediate account credits for the deposited funds
  • Greater security for their staff and customers
  • A reduced risk of theft or robberies
  • Greater visibility of cash flow and a simplified accounting process
  • Automated counterfeit checks
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