As a MyBank Service Provider, Auriga’s service infrastructures are certified compatible with the technical, commercial and security specifications of MyBank solutions.

Auriga has been certified to offer its MyBank payment services to purchasers’ banks (Validation Service) and merchants’ banks (Routing Service).


MyBank leverages SEPA related instruments and investments to provide an online solution for harmonised payments across Europe.

Launched by EBA CLEARING, MyBank is a new online payment method that provides an alternative to credit cards and Paypal, to be used for purchasing products and services on the Internet and via mobile channels.

It allows a customer to obtain a real time authorisation for the transfer of funds from their own bank account to an online business’s bank account using a SEPA Credit Transfer, securely, easily and immediately. SEPA Direct Debit will be available soon, and the consumer will be able to choose either option.

MyBank works very simply for consumers, who upon selecting the MyBank payment method will be redirected to their own bank’s online banking website (assuming it subscribes to the service). From there they will be able to execute the payment in a familiar and trusted environment.

Once the purchaser has made the payment, the merchant receives confirmation of payment authorization from the bank in real time.

Auriga has developed its own MyBank solution, which offers banks an array of additional features and services that facilitate ease of implementation and management.


Web-based console for managing transactions: access to a range of functions supporting MyBank operations, such as:

  • Searching and displaying a given transaction
  • Transaction monitoring and tracking
  • Reports and statistics
  • Service facilitating the integration of new merchants (and their websites) in the MyBank network

Support services for merchants, such as:

  • Tools to reconcile transactions
  • Usage data and reporting
  • Alert messages and exception management


  • A way to satisfy their customers’ requests for secure and easy to use electronic payment methods
  • A response to their e-merchants’ wish for electronic payment services using SEPA instruments
  • Support for e-government agencies in making electronic payment services available
  • A solution that requires minimal investment since it is based on the use of existing online banking and, for carrying out payment transactions, on the SEPA infrastructure


  • An online payment method valid throughout Europe, simple, reliable, secure, and familiar since it uses the consumer’s own online banking service
  • Users do not need to furnish their password or credit card number to suppliers and/or third parties
  • It is possible to use various types of payment, such as SCT or SDD (CORE, B2B)


  • A Europe-wide solution that reaches customers in all Europe through online SCT or SDD authorization
  • Real-time confirmation of the authorization
  • Reduction in fraud thanks to double authentication of customers through online banking and secure transfers