The bank’s future development relies on choosing an innovative technological approach, which can also strengthen the human relations.

This approach starts with the digital branch, which enables new, lean and agile models characterized by greater automation on self-service channel; the ability for customers to access products and financial services in complete autonomy; solutions that can provide support for complex transactions and advice from remote experts.

The digital branch is customer experience oriented: it responds promptly to customers’ needs and amplifies the strategic role of the ATM, no longer limited to dispensing cash. In addition, it offers 24/7 access to services in physical branches using new branch design and digital tools, keeping it omnichannel.

Auriga's NextGenBranch is designed to offer technology solutions to bolster the role of the branch among the bank's digital channels.

It leverages automation to respond to customers' new digital habits while meeting the bank's needs as said cost containment, improvement of internal processes and distribution channels, performance optimization.

NextGenBranch exploits the potential of self-service devices. The WWS Fill4Me module integrates all the banking operations of the traditional branch in a multimedia device while the Bank4Me workstation enables all activities, from basic transactions to the sale of banking products.

At the core of the solution there is the WWS omnichannel software platform. It is integrated with video conferencing tools, co-browsing system and a universal interface that overcomes issues related to legacy technology and a siloed architecture. More, it facilitates interoperability between physical and digital channels, in a highly secure environment.


WWS Fill4Me is the solution that extends the bank's operations to unstaffed channels such as self-service devices including ATMs, advanced ATMs and ASSTs.

This solution makes the branch operative beyond branch hours, thanks to the option of requesting support from remote staff during a transaction. Operations such as deposits, bill payments, check cashing, bank transfers and large withdrawals can be performed on its own or with the help of experienced staff who guides the customer via co-browsing through the completion and confirmation of the transaction.


This solution provides bank customers with all the services available at a physical branch in one location: Bank4Me is the dock station that brings together the channels of teller, self-service, banking consultancy and sale of financial products to offer a complete and secure access to the bank, with 24/7 assisted service.

With Bank4Me, the bank can benefit of an advanced solution to transform its traditional branch and can strategically redesign its spaces and its service model, starting from the actual needs of its customers, without giving up the quality of the face-to-face human relationship.