WWS e-Invoicing is a secure and convenient solution for the management and exchange of commercial documents and streamlining the invoicing processes between companies, suppliers, and banks.


WWS e-Invoicing Manager is compliant with the online Corporate Banking Interbancario service provided by ABI (Italian Banking Association) which connects over 670 financial institutions and 840,000 companies in a seamless, commercially focused network. WWS e-Invoicing Manager can be easily adapted to support the business workflows and message standards for other B2B networks.


This WWS module supports the editing, management and sharing of all administrative, commercial, and informative documentation between companies and their bank including orders, quotes, notices, statements, receipts, and reports. WWS e-Invoicing provides all the services required for:

  • The secure exchange of administrative and financial documents between all transacting parties.
  • Centralised B2B management of all administrative and financial processing including invoicing, payments and receipts.
  • The creation and distribution of certified documents to all participating parties.


The solution can be deployed in a range of configurations to augment existing manual systems or fully automate the management of commercial documents.
A summary of the WWS e-Invoicing features includes:


  • Manual invoice entry
  • Import documents using generic format or the CBI standard
  • Exchange invoices with commercial partners (via e-mail, post, online via CBI)
  • Dispute management
  • Schedule of payments
  • Digital document storage


  • Creation of user configured reconciliation statements and reports
  • Prepare requests for invoice collection (e.g. cash orders, direct debits)
  • Preparation of payments and bank transfers


  • Scanning and indexing of paper based documents
  • Importing of electronic documents in a variety of formats
  • Exporting documents in PDF format
  • Online archive of sent and received documents for last 2 years
  • Scheduled archiving of digitally signed documents to non-rewritable storage
  • Personalised search tools including automated retrieval of archived documents
  • Management of documents for submission to Tax and Revenue authorities