WWS Cash Management

The integrated solution to optimise cash management

The use of cash – especially in countries where it is the most common form of payment – brings banks certain problems linked to its management, its transfer and its security, with noteworthy impacts on operating costs.

In order to help banks manage cash more easily and efficiently, knowing that it is still the preferred payment method in many European countries and that the spread of cashless systems is still underway, Auriga has developed WWS Cash Management, a solution dedicated to optimising the process, with significant cost reductions.

This software is fully multivendor and multichannel, and can be used to manage all cashpoints inside and outside branches (cash dispensers, multifunction ATMs, recycling ATMs, ASDs or TARMs, branch windows with TCR, shopping centres), with positive results for the whole cash trail.

How WWS Cash Management works

The solution comprises two modules.

WWS Cash Predictive

The system’s back-end module, furnishing predictive “self-learning” data on the cash (bank notes and coins, in various denominations) needed at each cashpoint, derived from analysing at least 12 months of past cash requirements and movements.

These forecasts, combined with factors of location, insurance and scheduling, optimally define cash delivery and pick-up for each cashpoint by proposing instructions to the WWS Cash Console module.

WWS Cash Console

The front-end module, receiving from WWS Cash Predictive the on-demand counts and data needed to manage and monitor the whole process, either validating or, if necessary, correcting or refusing the calculations.

The advantages of this WWS module

Automated cash management offers many benefits to customers on the one hand, minimising out-of-service time, and on the other hand to banks, which can expect a reduction in the cost of cash management of 10 to 25%.In summary, this solution ensures:

  • Continuous monitoring of the cash replenishment process, for maximum availability in ATMs
  • Lesser amounts of cash held at the cashpoints, enabling lower costs of restocking and retrieval
  • Lower insurance costs thanks to lesser cash holdings and greater security
  • Optimal management of workload in the branches and cash depots
  • Greater operational efficiency
  • Reduced costs of cash-in-transit and cash handling


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