WWS Business Analytics Management

The solution that facilitates and accelerates the strategic decision-making process

Banks have a growing need for software to make full use of the masses of data they collect concerning both the services they offer and how customers are using those services.

Software should be able to extrapolate and process useful data in real time, in order to identify correlations and determine trends.

It should also create reports and graphical representations of these multidimensional analyses, that can be used by the bank’s decision-makers.

All services provided on the bank’s active retail channels can thus be analysed to design and implement targeted market strategies, for example to offer customized value-added services for an optimal customer experience.

For banks to better leverage their wealth of data and gain a comprehensive, indepth view of information of strategic value to decision-making, Auriga has developed WWS BAM (Business Analytics Management).

WWS BAM is a Data Analytics solution that extracts, collects, analyses and graphically represents banking Big Data, allowing decision-makers to easily create multiple levels of analysis using a highly intuitive and user-friendly interface.

It offers an overview of the data stemming from all channels, transforming it into valuable information that informs managerial decisions.

How WWS Business Analytics Management works

The logical architecture of WWS BAM has three levels:

  1. Extraction and collection of data from all customer touch points, according to predefined criteria
  2. Business logic management and data analysis
  3. Graphical representation of results

Benefits of WWS BAM

  • Analyses and optimises the profitability of each banking service and channel
  • Reduced cost of failed transactions
  • Greater service orientation
  • Higher-speed business analyses help devise informed and targeted strategies
  • Enhanced knowledge of customers’ choices yields long-term competitive advantages
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