12 September 2023
WWS Fill4Me is the solution that extends the bank’s operations to unstaffed channels such as self-service devices including ATMs, advanced ATMs and ASSTs., through remote assistance.

Cost saving or access to banking services? Mark Aldred at RBR BT22

16 December 2022
The financial services industry today is in a state of storm: they ask themselves how to remain relevant and competitive, focusing on cost pressure an finding new ways to be more efficient. In this interview Mark analyses how can banks addresses all issues, leveraging on the right next gen bank infrastructure. novobanco´s new distribution model,

Mark Aldred, VP of International sales at Auriga, shares the main takeaways from Branch Transformation Conference 2022

14 December 2022
Legacy banks boast a huge potential in terms of customer base and assets: what they need to do is to find the right technological partners to maximize their reputation, offer a unique customer experience and reduce operational costs. Sharing infrastructure is also key: it allows banks to maintain access to financial services and generate new

BankSec 2022 – Juan Ramon Aramendia (Auriga) and Marco Mejia (5B) discuss Zero Trust model to secure bank’s assets

02 November 2022
Juan Ramon Aramendia, Head of cybersecurity product engineering at Auriga discusses at BankSec 2022 how the Zero Trust model can be applied to protect the self-service channel. Marco Mejia, Information Security Officer at 5B, our customer and the largest ATM network in Central America, joins Auriga on stage to explore and show how 5B successfully