WWS Help Desk

Advanced Help Desk Support

WWS Help Desk streamlines all aspects of the help desk services resulting in customer queries and requests being resolved faster and more accurately. With WWS Help Desk help desk operators can build more rewarding relationships with the bank’s customers and support a greater number of products with confidence and increased efficiency.

WWS Help Desk : Efficient Help Desk Support


WWS Help Desk can be configured to support any number of products, services, and bank brands. WWS Help Desk coordinates the activities of multiple support agents regardless of their office location. Support agents can be assigned specific products and services and incoming calls are automatically routed to an appropriate agent.

A variety of answering models and response procedures can be configured and agents are guided through the correct procedures based on the products, services and bank brands involved.

Fast and Accurate

WWS Help Desk provides the agent with fast and accurate prompts relevant to the customer’s enquiries and allows the agent to add supplementary notes detailing any actions taken. All supplementary information is immediately available to any support agent to ensure that customers receive quick and well managed responses to all of their enquiries.


WWS Help Desk includes a comprehensive real time monitoring and analysis tool that tracks the duration and nature of all incoming requests. Insightful business intelligence is provided detailing call trends, types of problems, and frequently asked questions.

A variety of summary and detailed reports are easily generated using configurable reporting parameters. WWS Help Desk detects problem areas early so that effective resolutions can be enacted to minimize the disruption to customers.


WWS Help Desk includes an IVR option (WWS IVR) that streamlines the initial handling of customer calls including the option to leave voicemails for subsequent follow up. WWS Help Desk also supports customer interactions through phone, skype, email and fax.