Channel Integration

Channel Integration for the Omnichannel Banking

WinWebServer (WWS), offers clients a unique and enjoyable banking experience allowing them to have their very own “financial platform” at all times, everywhere and on all self service channels: Internet, mobile, tablet, kiosks, and ATMs with the same accurate up to date information.


WinWebServer (WWS): Powerful omnichannel banking at your finger tips


WinWebServer (WWS) guarantees true omnichannel and cross channel services as it is based on a single, fully integrated platform. WWS allows a bank to centralise its business services for greater control and easier maintenance. WWS is compatible with all devices, operating systems, web browsers, and mobile apps.

WWS is easily configured to deliver any service over any channel and takes full advantage of the characteristics of each channel to ensure the optimal consumer experience.

Cross Channel

WinWebServer (WWS) guarantees a true cross channel experience by allowing consumers to start transactions on one channel and complete them on another for a smoother anytime, anywhere banking experience.

For example, cash withdrawals can be pre-staged on a mobile phone and completed at the ATM at a later time. Additionally, certain Internet Banking transactions may require a second level of authentication to be completed using WWS Mobile.

Real time

WinWebServer (WWS) combines all transaction activity on all channels in real time to ensure that consumers have the most accurate and complete picture of their finances.
For example an ATM cash withdrawal transaction is immediately accessible from the customer’s mobile phone, by branch tellers, and by call centre agents.


WinWebServer (WWS) provides consumers with easy and intuitive access to hundreds of banking services including:

  • Access to real time account balances and statements
  • Manage loans and credit lines
  • Make payments and transfers
  • Authorise transactions carried out by secondary account holders
  • Top up mobile phones, pre paid cards and other services (such as pay television channels)
  • Access financial markets information (e.g. stock price lists and foreign exchange)
  • Manage account details
  • Manage the user’s security profile, thanks to strong authentication tools
  • Withdraw and deposit cash at self service machines
  • Make cardless in store payments using a mobile phone.
  • Make cash withdrawals at ATMs and kiosks, using a mobile phone
  • Send and receive information via SMS


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