WinWebServer Architecture

Integrated Omnichannel Banking Software

WinWebServer (WWS) is a feature rich, highly scalable, and flexible omnichannel banking solution.

With WWS banks can provide their customers with a truly seamless banking experience while also reducing their operational costs, increasing service availability, and growing profits using sophisticated one-to-one marketing. WWS provides advanced business services that are centrally configured and managed and easily delivered through any self-service channel.

The WWS Architecture

WinWebServer (WWS) is a three tier application developed in Java using a Services Oriented Architecture i.e.

  • Data Provider Layer: Provides storage and management of transaction data
  • Business Logic Layer: Provides the business services and rules
  • Presentation Layer: Defines how the business services are presented to the customer for each service channel

WWS is extremely scalable allowing the number of users, transactions, and self-service terminals and access points to be increased without any limitations. WWS is easily configured to deal with increasing workload and it takes full advantage of all available hardware resources.

WWS can run on any platform supporting a J2EE container (e.g. WebSphere, J/BOSS, SUN, BEA Logic, etc.). WWS is easily integrated with existing legacy systems and partner networks.

WinWebServer (WWS): Advanced Omnichannel Banking


WinWebServer (WWS) is a highly modular solution, both in terms of the service channels it supports and the shared business services available through each service channel. Banks can deploy any combination of WWS modules to augment or replace their existing infrastructure to optimally manage their time to market, functionality, and investment objectives. Service channels supported by WWS include:

  • ATMs and Kiosks
  • Branches
  • Call Centres
  • Internet
  • Mobile Devices

The shared business services available on any channel include:

Cost Effective

WinWebServer (WWS) significantly reduces the need for a bank’s customers to use bank branches for low value services. WWS provides extensive automation through a variety of self-service channels and easily allows any banking service to be delivered through any service channel. WWS is a proven and cost effective solution for advanced self-service automation including loan applications and management, bill payment, and configurable user preferences. WWS maximises the time available for branch staff to engage in high value sales and consultancy services.


WinWebServer (WWS) provides a bank’s customers with complete freedom to manage their finances simply and intuitively, 24 hours a day, using any channel that is convenient for them.


WinWebServer (WWS) is a true multi-institution solution and well suited to processor environments. The multi-institution features include segregated information storage and access, support for bank groups and hierarchies, and the ability to integrate with different back end systems for each financial institution. WWS is also easily integrated with LDAP single sign-on systems for user access management

WWS solutions to enhance and integrate banking channels



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