Cyber threats are one of the biggest concerns for any organisation, with cyber criminals proving to be extremely agile and innovative in producing new types of malware.

It is increasingly difficult to differentiate between generic attacks and targeted attacks, making it even more complex to detect an incident or assess its potential damage. This difficulty makes companies extremely vulnerable to moderate and complex threats.

Critical devices provide essential services that need to be available 24/7, 365 days a year. Keeping them secure is paramount to success, as cyber-attacks on critical devices are highly targeted and designed to spot any embedded software vulnerabilities. The consequences of not maintaining such technology properly ranges from financial fraud to business continuity interruption or even sabotage.

By putting an effective Operational Technology (OT) cybersecurity strategy in place, based on the right set of protection technologies, it is possible to secure critical devices without disrupting operations or risking non-compliance with sectorial regulations.

Lookwise Device Manager is the OT Cyber Security solution that ensure high security standards in fix-purpose devices that are critical to the business, such as ATMs, point of sale terminals, critical infrastructure control systems.


When it comes to cash machines, generic endpoint protection technology, such as anti-malware solutions are not enough, as such technologies are designed to protect PCs and laptops.

LDM allows you to activate a holistic protection model that goes beyond just IT security: it is a platform created for the protection of fixed-purpose devices, i.e. devices that provide essential services and that must be available 24x7x365.

ATMs are very attractive targets for attackers.The wide variety of legacy hardware and software in ATM networks, coupled with a lack of proactive upgrade policies make these networks inherently vulnerable environments.

As a result, cyber-criminals are extremely agile and innovative in producing new types of targeted logical attacks which are much more cost effective than traditional physical attacks.

Lookwise Device Manager is a modular platform that offers a comprehensive set of  features to protect and monitor your critical devices, adding an extra control layer that allows users to run custom remote actions to investigate or react to potential incidents.


Centralizing the security of the self service network is fundamental to ensuring effective control over your  your assets and generating cost  and time savings.

Lookwise Device Manager (LDM) is a native and fully integrated multivendor solution, which centralizes security operations on a single platform, ensuring minimal impact on the device’s performance.

It is specifically designed for distributed environments and for Windows XP/7/10 OS, and it is built on the basis of proprietary technology Lookwise TECH which provides the product with its modularity, scalability and flexibility.

In addition, LDM  ensures a high security standard because it applies a complete protection model including  software and hardware whitelisting, file protection and full disk encryption.

With LDM, the bank strengthens regulatory compliance, reduces costs and significantly increases the level of accessibility to its services for prospects and customers.