Corporate Banking

Enhanced Corporate Banking Services

WinWebServer (WWS) is the ideal solution for banks wanting to deliver innovative services to their corporate customers to increase revenues and build customer loyalty.

WinWebServer (WWS): Advanced business banking services

Corporate Banking

WinWebServer (WWS) provides the banks’ customers with access to the entire Internet banking functions.

Banking transactions can be completed immediately online or done offline and uploaded later for processing.

Corporate banking features include:

  • Consolidated views of all accounts including future dated transactions, recurring and scheduled payments, and local and foreign remittances
  • The creation of multiple users with assigned roles and access privileges
  • Support for multiple signatories with including the support for authorisation alerts via email and mobile devices
  • Access to corporate account information and services over any channel for greater banking convenience

Document Management

The WWS document manager streamlines the exchange of administrative and financial documents between a bank and its corporate customers.

All document flows are managed through the Corporate Banking Interbancario service to certify the validity of the documents and processing.

Cash Handling

WinWebServer (WWS) provides an effective cash handling solution for retailers who manage large cash flows.

The retailer deposits cash into an Automated Teller Safe (ATS) located in their store and receives an immediate credit for the validated amount.

The WWS Cash Handling system manages the entire deposit and cash collection process to ensure accurate accounting and security.

WWS Solutions to deliver enhanced Corporate Banking services


WWS e-Invoicing

WWS Cash Handling