Auriga History


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An Italian excellence since 1992

Established during the years of the early developments of the Internet, Auriga was able to foresee the potential of the digital revolution.

1992: Auriga Informatica was established in Rome. The company specialised in consulting for the management and maintenance of software applications for ATM and Pos payment systems. In the years that followed Auriga started to design and develop its own software.

1994: SimplyBank and SimplyBank Web were launched, both innovative solutions for corporate and internet banking, which in the following years were adopted by the most important centres of service in Italy: Phoenix, Federazione Marche, SBA, Cedecra, Cabel.

2000: Auriganet was established, a spin-off dedicated to the development of solutions for the management of self service channels for large retail banks.

2003: The release of the first multivendor platform for the management of ATMs and self service machines which was adopted by large banking groups such as Banca Intesa, Poste Italiane and Unicredit.

2007: the merger between Auriga Informatica and Auriganet gave birth to Auriga SpA.

2008: Launch of the first version of WinWebServer (WWS), a platform for the integrated management of omnichannel banking.

2009: Auriga introduced WWS Client, an innovative solution based on Vassallo, the first vendor independent proprietary framework for ATM software development. In January of the same year the Milan office was opened.

2010: SimplyMobile was created, an App for management of personal current accounts through mobile devices.

2011: Auriga launched PlainPay, an innovative mobile payment solution based on QR code technology, and decided to enter the retail market.

2012: Auriga opened its first branch in London in order to develop international business.

2013: following the internationalisation process Auriga opened a branch in Paris.

2015: Auriga opened a branch in Frankfurt.

2017: Auriga celebrates its 25th birthday. Moreover, the German Banking Industry Committee (DK-Zulassungsbüro der Deutschen Kreditwirtschaft) issues the “Deutsche Geldautomaten-System Zulassung” certification for WWS ATM.

2018: Auriga launches IC406, the new incubator programme, which aims to make brilliant teams and young talent successful by backing innovative ideas for digital businesses.

2020: Auriga continues on its growth path abroad and acquires the modular cybersecurity platform Lookwise Device Manager (LDM), thus opening two new offices abroad in Spain and Mexico.

History of Auriga