Bank branches are being steadily transformed from traditional service models to highly automated centres of business.

Auriga’s WWS Greæter is an innovative tablet application specifically designed for the changing demands being placed on branch staff shifting from transaction controller to interaction facilitator.

These new branch banking models are being driven by an increasingly, digitally empowered customer base, the accelerating availability of secure and reliable digital service channels, and the constant quest to enhance the customer’s satisfaction and maximise the sales potential of each interaction.


The deployment of sophisticated self-service devices within the branch can significantly reduce the teller workload for routine, low value transactions. Branch staff face an evolving productivity challenge to balance the need to increase the sale of high value products with the customers’ expectations for a more enjoyable and rewarding banking relationship.

Auriga’s WWS Greæter solution is a tablet application that significantly enhances bank staff productivity by providing a range of advanced customer service features including:

  • Personalised customer information that facilitates effective dialogue with customers about their specific needs
  • Effective responses to an increasing range of customer needs and service requests
  • Constructive support and educational assistance on the increasing number of self-service functions
  • Increased sales attainment by empowering staff to reinforce personalised target marketing
  • The ability to continually foster and demonstrate a culture of high quality customer care



WWS Greæter is an integral component of the WWS omnichannel banking suite and can be deployed as part of a fully integrated WWS omnichannel banking solution or integrated directly with the bank’s existing branch infrastructure.

WWS Greæter is available on iOS, Android, and Windows tablets and provides a seamless productivity bridge between the branch staff and the self-service automation for a truly rewarding customer experience. It can also be deployed on standard PC browser systems in addition to a tablet-based approach.


WWS Greæter boost staff productivity by combining real time information about the branch’s self-service hardware, the customer’s transaction history and relationship status, and relevant sales opportunities. With WWS Greæter bank agents have a complete view of the status of the self-service devices and the customers they interact with.

Branch Automation View

WWS Greæter is directly integrated with the real time device monitoring for all self-service devices in the branch.Bank staff will receive early warning alerts on any low cash situations, the need to replenish consumables, or any other corrective actions required. Using WWS Greæter banks can increase their service availability of in-branch self- service devices and reduce the costs of unnecessary engineering call outs.

Customer Service View

The WWS Greæter application notifies the bank staff each time a customer accesses a self-service device.The information displayed to the bank agent includes the customer’s personal details and transaction history, as well as the services they are currently performing. With WWS Greæter, the bank’s customer managers are better equipped to provide personalised banking services and to educate customers how to enjoy the full benefits of the service automation.


WWS Greæter helps bank staff to deliver a compelling customer experience by localising a variety of service decisions. For example, a customer trying to withdraw excessive funds may exceed their account limits and face a denial of service.

Service events of this type are immediately alerted to the branch staff along with the pertinent customer information. A bank agent can then make an informed decision concerning a possible override of the default rules based on the specific circumstances and governing policies.

If appropriate, the agent can use WWS Greæter to override the default processing and authorise the requested service.

WWS Greæter smoothly tracks all of the bank agent’s actions providing a full audit trail of the enhanced service provided. The audit information can include the customer’s photograph, images of identity documents, and electronically captured signatures.


WWS is easily integrated with the bank’s CRM system to provide personalised marketing and sales messages based on the customer’s unique profile and transaction history. In addition, WWS Greæter provides easy access to all enrolment forms and new product applications.

Using WWS Greæter the bank staff can help customers to successfully apply for new products of interest to them.

The abandonment of online form filling remains a major contributor to lost sales – WWS Greæter is an effective solution to this challenge.

With WWS Greæter bank staff can dramatically increase the closure rate for new product sales by helping customers complete the application process.