Monitoring network

Superior Service Availability

WinWebServer (WWS) includes extensive monitoring and control tools to ensure complete service integrity and reliability across all banking channels to provide consumers with access to banking services 24/7.

WinWebServer (WWS): Optimal service delivery


  • WWS monitors all aspects of the network including connections with the bank’s host systems, connections with third party service partners, the WWS application processing, and all self-service channels
  • WWS includes a robust rules-based fraud detection option to identify and prevent fraudulent activity on any service channel
  • WWS provides extensive monitoring of all ATM and kiosk devices


  • WWS is easily configured to automatically generate alerts and to perform a variety of corrective actions in response to specific events or management thresholds being exceeded
  • WWS automatically monitors and manages the status of all ATM and kiosk devices to maximise service availability and to minimise the need for on site maintenance

WWS modules for proactive monitoring

Proactive Network Monitoring

WWS Fraud Management System

WWS SimplyCheck