5B is the leading ATM industry benchmark in Central America. With a large ATM network, it is a strategic partner of the most important banks in the region.

The implementation of a cybersecurity strategy based on the Lookwise Device Manager (LDM) solution, applies a comprehensive set of protection technologies, making it possible to secure key devices without interrupting operations or customer access to ATM services.

Auriga Case Study 5B


Banca Carige — one of Italy's leading banking groups, has undertaken a review of its territorial coverage through branches, with the aim of optimising costs and increasing operational efficiency.

Carige Smart Branches, the new intelligent branch model enabled by Auriga's technological solutions, combines digitalisation with the human component for an innovative customer experience.

Carige Smart Branches is a model consisting of a set of digital branches, each of which is equipped with smart technologies that allow customers to access all the bank's services in self-service mode or to interact (in special areas) with the bank's advisors via video assistance in a secure manner.



“The branch transformation programme has run smoothly, supported by Auriga’s responsiveness to the rapid pace of change”
“We are the only bank in Portugal where you can pay in a cheque at midnight”
Sergio Magalhães, Director of the Digital Transformation Office

Millennium BCP achieved the highest quality of customer experience with a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 85%.

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