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AURIGA Supplier Register

The Supplier Register is a list of qualified companies, selected on the basis of their potential ability to meet the requirements of quality, economic and financial soundness, competitiveness and availability to meet requests with relative timeliness.

These values are fundamental and necessary to maintain or start a profitable and lasting collaboration with Auriga and will be the basis of a Vendor Rating, which will be responsible for ranking the various suppliers.

The Supplier Register is managed through the Supplier Portal, the platform that enables the management of awarding procedures, the holding of tenders and in general all e-Procurement activities for the acquisition of works, services and supplies, in compliance with current legislation.

In addition to the opportunities offered by the regulatory framework, the adoption of a Supplier Portal allows for improvement in the effectiveness and efficiency of procurement processes, while respecting the requirements of confidentiality, authenticity, competition, integrity and availability in the exchange of data.

All this is aimed at obtaining a documentary history of our partners, through the inclusion of the mandatory and non-mandatory attachments required in the Register.

Auriga's Supplier Portal is built on solutions that ensure the highest levels of technology in guaranteeing the security and confidentiality of data and transactions.

The Register is unique for all the territories in which Auriga operates and is used by the following subsidiaries: Auriga Iberia, Auriga Latam, Auriga Benelux, Pikyrent, IC406.

The Register is organised into product categories: for each category, the company will be qualified according to the requirements indicated and requested by the Regulations.


Enrolment in the Supplier Portal is free in order to make the process of identifying economic operators to be involved in the award procedures more accessible and transparent. Only registered and qualified suppliers can be invited to tenders or RFQs and to collaborate with Auriga.

The company qualification system is based on the examination of the documentation produced by the applicant and, where applicable, on the completion of a specific qualification questionnaire for each product category.

All suppliers are invited to register on the Auriga Supplier Portal.