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Auriga is the recognised Italian leader in innovative omnichannel banking solutions.

The WinWebServer (WWS) software is a proven and modular solution that provides feature-rich banking services through all channels including mobile, tablets, PCs, kiosks and ATM machines.

WWS is the perfect solution to increase the profitability of your customer relationships through the delivery of personalised services, wherever and whenever your customers need them.

Business benefits of WinWebServer WWS


Business benefits – WinWebServer (WWS) delivers significant business benefits including:

  • the reduction of operational costs
  • faster time to market for new services
  • personalised marketing and sales opportunities
  • improved service availability, and superior flexibility and access convenience for the consumer.

WinWebServer (WWS): The ideal solution for maximum performance and benefits

All in one

WinWebServer (WWS) is a complete system for the management of omnichannel banking services providing greater efficiencies and cost effectiveness.

WWS supports hundreds of banking operations and payments and is easily customised to implement new services.

Superior cost savings

WinWebServer (WWS) significantly reduces the need for a bank’s customers to use bank branches for low value services by providing extensive automation through a variety of self-service channels.

WWS is a proven and cost effective solution for advanced self service automation including loan applications and management, bill payment, and configurable user preferences.

WWS maximises the time available for branch staff to engage in high value sales and consultancy services.


WinWebServer (WWS) is highly modular and is easily integrated with existing legacy systems without disruption to existing services.
It offers banks the ultimate choice in implementation strategy whether the need is for a single channel replacement, as a mix-and-match omnichannel approach, or to implement WWS in its entirety.

Customer experience oriented

WinWebServer (WWS) provides a bank’s customers with complete freedom to manage their finances simply and intuitively, 24 hours a day, using any channel that is convenient for them.

Marketing focused

WinWebServer (WWS) provides a powerful marketing tool that enhances customer relationships through the use of personalised messages based on the customer’s needs and preferences.

WWS enables the centralised management of marketing campaigns using all service channels allowing campaigns to be easily tailored for different regions and devices.

Highly secure

WinWebServer (WWS) guarantees complete data security and confidentiality. It also includes advanced real-time fraud protection across all service channels.

High performance

WinWebServer (WWS) increases operational efficiency through an integrated and proactive monitoring service which enables fast interventions and self-healing ones. WWS performance monitoring ensures service continuity and reduces costs associates with onsite maintenance activities.

Multivendor and vendor independent

Auriga is an independent software vendor and is not tied to any hardware manufacturer.

Auriga’s WinWebServer (WWS) software conforms to the CEN ISSS/XFS 3.x standards and supports any WOSA/XFS compliant ATMs and kiosks.

Banks can continue to use their existing hardware even if it was obtained from different vendors. The freedom to purchase any combination of ATMs and kiosks provides distinct advantages for the bank and can result in significant cost savings.


WinWebServer (WWS) enables the use of omnichannel banking by people with disabilities and is fully compliant with the latest W3C standards for usability.

What WinWebServer (WWS) provides

Channel Integration

Proactive Network Monitoring

Marketing and Customer Relations


Corporate Banking