Coronavirus and Banks
03 April 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown measures are affecting lives nearly everywhere on the planet. Banks are playing a crucial role in how our societies respond and progress through these unprecedented times. As their technology partner, we salute and support the tremendous work being done by banks to protect colleagues and customers, serve their local
International Women's Day 2020
05 March 2020
As part of International Women’s Day 2020, we spoke to some of our female colleagues at Auriga to find out their thoughts on #EachforEqual. This is the IWD 2020 campaign theme, which comes from the idea of “Collective Individualism”, how each individual’s actions impact our wider society and collectively create a gender equal world. For
Banking for Humanity
17 February 2020
Technology versus Humanity? Banks have been struggling with the concept of being more personal with their customers. ‘Banking for Humanity’, a concept explored by fintech guru Chris Skinner, is considered as a remedy for this; with new banking technology innovation spearheading the way for banks to adopt a human touch and be more empathetic. Chris Skinner
Future Banking Technology 2020
27 January 2020
Just like the previous year, Auriga kick-starts the new year with a list of 2020 trends, which we anticipate will define the banking sector in the upcoming 12 months. 1. Bank branches remain a necessity Bank branches nationwide may be reducing in numbers due to their expensive running costs; however, it will remain a traditional