Bank4Me: What does the Branch of the Future Look Like?

01 December 2021

Bank4Me: What does the Branch of the Future Look Like?

Digital, remote, agile, customer-oriented: the new bank is centered on creating an advanced branch where technology has a pivotal role. It leverages advanced self-service and an integrated omnichannel software platform to increase process efficiency and optimize performance.

Bank4Me is designed to adapt to all contexts and markets for banks that want to ensure full efficiency of services, including when provided in the branch. It offers customers a renewed branch capable of providing a more efficient customer relationship, and encouraging the growing digitisation of services, with a view to customer education and greater multigenerational inclusion.

Tamara Jusko (SIA) and Nicola Simeone (Auriga) present at SelfService Banking 2021

28 May 2021

At RBR’s Self-Service Banking 2021 virtual event Auriga’s Nicola Simeone, Head of Professional Services, spoke with SIA S.p.A.’s Tamara Jusko on how to build a next-generation infrastructure that enhances the customer experience.

NextGenBranch: the Solution to Branch Closures | Auriga

20 May 2021

What’s the future of retail banking look like? Is it just a digital service? And no branches at all? Here at Auriga, we know the bank branch has a great future. Find out more about our NextGen Branch powered by us, shaped by you.

Fintech Finance Virtual Arena: Mark Aldred and ACI’s Robin Setty

07 May 2021

Mark Aldred, Auriga’s head of international sales, was interviewed along with Robin Setty, ACI Worldwide’s senior principal product manager, by Doug Mackenzie at the Virtual Arena of Fintech Finance.