Internet of Things Banking
27 May 2021
Digital transformation and innovation in technology have had a strong impact on the supply of banking services to customers and the bank-to-customer relationship. Banks need to prepare themselves for unprecedented challenges by adapting their strategies, to keep pace with new technologies and maintain a competitive edge in the long term. Auriga is committed to research
Banking Trends 2021
01 March 2021
Auriga offers its perspective on the trends that will impact the banking industry in 2021. Here is an article that illustrate how the banking industry can face these trends to address the challenges in 2021. For more information, please review our perspective on banking technology trends over the years. 01/03/2021 Financial IT What is to
Auriga and ACI
16 February 2021
Auriga and ACI Worldwide sign off a strategic partnership to launch next-generation ATM acquiring and self-service banking platform. Under this partnership, ACI’s Enterprise Payments Platform will integrate with Auriga’s omni-channel banking solution, WinWebServer (WWS), in order to offer improved omni-channel experience for consumers globally, including self-service channel integration with mobile and internet banking. Here is
09 February 2021
Auriga announces a new strategic partnership with Dilaco, IT specialist Consulting and Outsourcing provider in Belgium. Through this partnership, Dilaco will enlarge its consulting and service offerings with Auriga’s cutting edge cybersecurity solution Lookwise Device Manager (LDM) to help secure critical banking services and infrastructure in the Benelux region. Here is an overview of the