Back to school for banking: Setting the curriculum

Back to school for banking: Setting the curriculum

School for Banking

Children and university students across the UK returned to school this month – kicking off another year of learning. For some, this will be a transformative time, as they absorb new information that may very well define their future career.

But perhaps now is also a good time to reflect on what the banking industry could learn. The industry has changed hugely in the last few years and continues to evolve.

So, what if there was a school for banking?

What subjects might it teach? Check out our 2018/19 “banking curriculum”:

Omni-channelogy – Taught by Dr Mark. E. Ting

Covering omnichannel marketing, how to intelligently use technology and data.

An omnichannel approach to banking is essential to both customer experience and commercial sustainability. Through this course you’ll learn about how various services can be connected to provide a better view of customer interactions. You’ll understand how you can collect useful data and act off the back of it.

Course reading:
Channel Integration

Branchmatics – Taught by Ms Phi G. Tale

How the branches of today need to adapt to stay relevant.

Ms Tale will guide you through the history and future of the bank branch in the UK. Term one will discuss the continued need for bank branches, despite the closure of many across the country. Term two will then go on to demonstrate how bank branches can evolve to remain relevant – by providing and larger breadth of services and delivering branches that provide smarter experiences.

Course reading:
WWS Greæter

Data – Taught by Dr Anna Lyticks

Exploring the responsible use of data and how banking can evolve in the age of Open Banking

A brand new course from Dr Lyticks, given the arrival of GDPR and PSD2 in 2018. Throughout this course we’ll look at how data needs to be treated with respect, and how by doing so you can also achieve better results for your bank. We’ll also explore the opportunities that Open Banking provides and how this might impact banking over the coming years.

Course reading:
Why GDPR should be the least of your worries

Customerism – Taught by Dr Atya Cervice

How can banks put customers at the heart of everything that they do? Demonstrating how customer satisfaction is more important in 2018 than ever before.

Many banks in the UK have failed to focus effectively on customer satisfaction. In today’s age it’s vital that banks consider the customer experience across all channels: in-brand, online, on-the-move and beyond. Dr Cervice will explore the approaches that should be taken to deliver happy customers.

Course reading:
Nowhere to hide: Why UK banks urgently need to improve their customer service
Marketing & Customer Relations

#NEXTGENBANK – Taught by Ms Krystal Ball

Looking to the future, and how banks can continue to innovate.

The bank of the future looks very different to the bank of today. Ms Ball will be look at the coming years and examine the trends that will transform the industry. Will blockchain have an impact? How will challenger banks evolve? Ms Ball will also explore the modular solutions on offer that banks can adopt now, to ensure they are well on their way to becoming the #NEXTGENBANK.

Course reading:
Why you should forget about building the bank of the future – and make it happen today

So, are you ready to refresh your banking knowledge?

Then switch off your mobile phones and pay attention.

And yes, that means you, at the back of the class – or do you want a detention?!


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