Advanced Internet Banking
WWS PC is a highly secure internet banking solution supporting over 130 different banking services. WWS PC fully satisfies the consumers’ needs for home banking services as well as the most stringent corporate banking requirements. WWS PC is designed to be rapidly integrated into any banking environment and is easily extended to deploy new functions and services.

WWS PC is a flexible multibank, multi-language solution that delivers a robust suite of real time account management and banking services. WWS PC provides consumers and corporate clients with immediate access to their current accounts, securities, payments services and much more.


WWS PC : Comprehensive Internet Banking Services

Ultimate in Access Security
WWS PC provides a comprehensive suite of access security methods including call drop, unique password cards, one time tokens, SMS PINs, client certificates, and WWS Mobile authentication. Banks can choose any combination of access security options and can additionally allow the consumer to select their preferred security options from the bank approved list.

Superior Accessibility
WWS PC has been designed to ensure easy access to persons with visual impairments. WWS PC is fully compliant with the W3C Web Accessibility guidelines, the 2004 Italian Stanca law, and the AAA accessibility standards.

WWS PC can be used with normal or Braille keyboards, speech recognition technologies, or any other targeting device. The user interface also features a three level high contrast mode for maximum clarity.

Flexible Account Hierarchies
WWS PC supports extensible account hierarchies whereby the primary account holders can create multiple secondary account holders and assign them different access rights based on the account management policies. The smart workflow services automatically request the necessary transaction approvals from the approved signatories using email and mobile messaging services.

Seamless Integration
WWS PC is an integral component of the WWS omnichannel banking suite. Any transaction performed using WWS PC is immediately accessible through any other service channel and vice versa. With WWS PC the consumer has a full and unobstructed view of their entire account status and history.