WWS Signage

Multimedia Communications for Branches

WWS Signage helps to transform the branch into a commercial outlet through the managed delivery of multimedia information and promotional marketing material using a variety of self-service devices and displays.

WWS Signage : Compelling Digital Signage


This WinWebServer module makes it easy to manage multiple communication plans with the option to have differentiated content delivered to different locations. The criteria used to define communication plans include single branches or groups of branches, geographical regions, and different groups and types of display device.

The marketing content supported includes:

  • Institutional and brand promotions
  • Product and services information and special offers
  • Third party media including news and weather feeds, tickers, etc.


WWS Signage is well suited to the delivery of multimedia content to a variety of device including PC, tablet, smartphones, and digital displays. Content can be delivered using VGA, HDMI, LAN networks, and the Internet.

Easy to Use

WWS Signage provides an intuitive drag & drop interface and is quickly mastered with minimal training. It has a variety of features that enable professional results to be achieved with minimal effort. Standard editing features include:

  • Easily configured text, image, and video display areas and layering
  • Supports a wide range of video clips, image formats, and display transitions
  • Display of RSS feeds from WWS RSSFeed or other third party RSS feeds

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