img auriga bam big data
20 June 2017
A new tool to collect, process and immediately represent in graphical form all analytical data stored in the bank’s information system At the recent London conferences, Self-Service Banking Europe 2017 and ATM Cash & Innovation Europe 2017 , we introduced to the market our new module in the omnichannnel WinWebServer (WWS) suite: WWS Business Analytics
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08 June 2017
The ATM innovation trade show will be held on 13-14 June at the Lancaster London Hotel, celebrating 50 years of ATMs. ATM & Cash Innovation Europe is a new event dedicated to innovation of ATMs and self-banking devices, organised by the ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) , which is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Hundreds of representatives
wws branch
21 February 2017
WWS Customer Management offers powerful tools to build branch customers’ loyalty while WWS Cash Management helps banks manage cash optimally. The flexibility and modularity that differentiate the WWS Branch software suite are again confirmed with these two new modules – WWS Customer Management and WWS Cash Management . Designed by Auriga to meet two pressing
Auriga Germania
31 January 2017
Auriga is proud to announce it has achieved the important German national banking certification  “Deutsche Geldautomaten-System Zulassung “  for its WWS ATM solution from the Deutschen Kreditwirtschaft (DK), the German banking industry committee. DK sets common standards for banking institutions in Germany and its ATM certification is highly regarded as an important requirement for all