Branch Transformation 2020: Providing Cutting-Edge Banking Services

Branch Transformation 2020: Providing Cutting-Edge Banking Services

Branch Transformation 2020

As an event sponsor, we are proud to take part in Branch Transformation 2020, which will be taking place virtually on the 23rd and 24th November 2020.

Branch Transformation is the world’s leading conference dedicated to branch design, customer experience and strategy-driven transformation.

The virtual event will be packed with thought-provoking case studies from leading banks from around the world, showcasing how they are using their cutting-edge technology and human-centric design to drive real customer value.

Vincenzo Fiore, CEO of Auriga, will be giving a keynote speech at 10:25 GMT of the 23rd November, discussing topics such as the evolution of the banking sector, the role of banks, how branches can face the challenges ahead, and the main trends for the future.

Come and talk to us at Branch Transformation 2020

With our virtual booth, Auriga will discuss the benefits of the WWS platform for omnichannel banking and how it provides a platform for cutting-edge banking services.

We will also discuss our multichannel integrated software platform that is based on well-defined standards, and also reduces run-costs and improves time to market.

If you visit our virtual booth, you’ll also learn how banks can leverage data in order to offer more personalised and tailor-made customer experiences.

A snippet of the topics and solutions we will discuss at our virtual booth:

  1. ATM Infrastructure worldwide is not fit for the challenges of the 2020s; it’s time for change and Auriga is that change
  2. The NextGenBranch should be security-focused and customer-centric. By utilising self-service and other technologies, it will be ready to go
  3. Security should be at the core of everything you do. Innovation without attention to the risk of a cyber-attack would be counterprodutive, so we can help
  4. A data-driven strategy is essential for banks to provide a new banking experience for both the customer and the bank, therefore maximising the potential of each individual interaction

Although we can’t meet you face to face, our experts look forward to interacting with you virtually at this event!

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