Coronavirus and Banks: How Auriga is Supporting Them

Coronavirus and Banks: How Auriga is Supporting Them

Coronavirus and Banks

The COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown measures are affecting lives nearly everywhere on the planet.

Banks are playing a crucial role in how our societies respond and progress through these unprecedented times.

As their technology partner, we salute and support the tremendous work being done by banks to protect colleagues and customers, serve their local communities and support our economies.

There are many examples in many countries where banks are showing great flexibility and understanding to their customers and are performing as an important channel for vital financial help and advice.

Self-Service and Branch Banking

Where an ATM is the only source of cash and financial help in a community, it must be closely managed and monitored to ensure the provision of all services. It is also vital that any service visits to maintain the channel and guarantee its best efficiency are minimized to accord with requirements for social distancing and avoiding unnecessary journeys.

This is where banks’ investments in predictive cash management and maintenance will be important. Keeping a close eye on key trends as they develop has never been more important, we’ll be keeping you up to date with the latest banking technology trends shaping the industry in 2020 here.

As a designated essential service in many countries, bank branches are open while other local services are closed down. For many, this is a vital service though it is challenging for banks to maintain social distancing to put the safety of their colleagues and customers first. So, it is not surprising many branches have restricted opening hours or are shut because of staff self-isolating.

Digital banking therefore is proving a lifeline for people as they are discouraged from visiting their local branch due to the coronavirus outbreak and even minimizing their use of ATMs.

The pressure on digital services highlights the benefits of cloud-based services to scale to match demand; and how banks have invested in omnichannel offerings that ensure personalized services at a time when so many of us cherish the human touch.

Video Banking to Keep People Connected in COVID-19 Pandemic

It’s far too early to learn any lessons from the impact of coronavirus on how customers access financial services and how it may encourage new groups in our society to embrace digital banking services more greatly.

Yet, as so many of us have discovered and become comfortable with using video calls and services like Zoom or Teams for personal and professional needs, perhaps one of the positive outcomes may  be how banks use video as a channel for banking services.

Indeed, with a remote teller available via video link, banks can service customers beyond the usual opening hours and even keep branches open 24/7, seven days a week.

Where video banking is available, it is already filling a vital gap in how banks keep connected with customers including the most vulnerable during this challenging time. It is helping to support the delivery of important financial help, as well as assisting customers who need help with self-service products and technology.

To support our banking customers, while supporting smart home working for all staff, we are ensuring our technical support resources are fully manned and available. We want to support our banking customers as they respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and the very necessary lockdown restrictions to protect and save lives.

We are assisting banks who want to expand their use of digital self-service in-branch banking because they want to make their branches more automated for health security reasons, minimizing physical contacts between colleagues and customers.

This is where our Nextgenbranch solutions help in how people use assisted self-service device channels on any appropriate hardware. Thanks to videoconference and co-browsing features, customers can be guided remotely to complete banking operations without the need for face-to-face contact with branch staff.

And finally, please everyone stay safe and healthy.


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