08 August 2019
Human resources is one of the key factors in Auriga’s success. HR helps sustain the company’s growth and international expansion. Over the years, various professional figures have joined Auriga’s Top Management, contributing to bringing value and expertise to the company thanks to solid skills and competences acquired over many years of experience. Here is an
Case Histories Auriga
18 February 2019
Auriga is modernising banking through digital transformation with omnichannel banking solutions. Take a deep dive into the case histories to learn how Auriga has supported businesses around the world with its quality products made in Italy. Here is what the portuguese bank Millenium bcp thinks about Auriga. 18/02/2019 Bobsguide How Millennium bcp made the #nextgenbank
Banking Trends for 2019
31 January 2019
Auriga offers its perspective on the trends that will impact the banking industry in 2019. Here is a collection of the most interesting articles that illustrate how the banking industry can face these trends to address the challenges in 2019. For more information, please review our perspective on banking technology trends over the years. 31/01/2019 ATM
24 October 2018
Digital transformation and innovation in technology have had a strong impact on the supply of banking services to customers and the bank-to-customer relationship. Banks need to prepare themselves for unprecedented challenges by adapting their strategies, to keep pace with new technologies and maintain a competitive edge in the long term. Auriga is committed to research