WWS Mobile is a highly secure and fully integrated solution that provides a rich suite of mobile banking, payments, alerting and messaging services. It enables banks and service providers to provide consumers with the ultimate “bank in their pocket” experience resulting in greater consumer satisfaction and new revenue opportunities.

The solution has been developed using the latest smartphone and tablet technologies and is available on all leading mobile platforms including Apple IOS, Google Android and Blackberry. The user interface is highly intuitive for consumers and meets the most advanced user standards. The screens are easily customised to match the bank’s branding and presentation preferences.



WWS Mobile is a powerful information source for the consumer on the move. The built in geo-location services make it easy to find the nearest ATM or bank branch and the ability to access multiple RSS feeds ensures the consumer benefits from the very latest news and information. In addition, consumers can easily add links to a variety of internet sites to provide convenient one-click access to a full range of services.


WWS Mobile is an integral component of the WWS omnichannel banking suite. Any transaction performed is immediately accessible through any other service channel and vice versa. The consumer has a full and unobstructed view of their entire account status and history.


The solution allows banks to configure multiple user profiles to exactly match their corporate objectives and the customers’ service preferences. As an integral component of the WWS omnichannel banking suite, it provides consumers with access to any of the available banking services, anytime, anywhere. The consumer is automatically presented the appropriate user profile services based on their logon credentials. Consumers also have the facility to configure their own favourites menu to further streamline their banking experience.


WWS Mobile delivers fast, secure and proven mobile payments. Whether making a person to person payment or paying for goods at the checkout, it provides a proven and convenient alternative to traditional cash and card based payments. It allows consumers to select from any number of preconfigured cards or accounts when making their payment. It also includes the automated storage of electronic receipts and coupons for a complete and convenient record of all payment transactions.

WWS Mobile facilitates the next generation of fast and secure e-Commence. The consumer simply scans the QR code on a catalogue entry or promotional flier and initiates the payment. No more lengthy forms to complete. No more risk of unknown merchants holding secret card details and private information. It is fast, secure and reliable for complete peace of mind.


WWS Mobile includes an option for SMS-based banking services, ideally suited to consumers with early generation phones. Example SMS banking services include:

  • Access to account balances
  • Receive updated account balances and mini statements at regular intervals
  • Automated alerting of important events including low balance conditions, the completion of a wire transfer, and the receipt of wages

Banks also benefit from the cross selling features of the SMS services. WWS Mobile makes it easy to deliver personalised messages to different customer groups based on their age, geographical region, gender, account profiles, and many other selection criteria.


WWS Mobile also includes a variety of cross-channel services for a truly seamless and flexible consumer experience. For example, it allows the consumer to pre-stage a cash withdrawal transaction on their mobile device for later completion at the ATM. Not only does this service reduce the consumers wait time and vulnerability at the ATM but it completely eliminates the risk of card fraud and PIN snooping at the ATM.

Other cross channel service examples include the use of an advanced authentication option for sensitive Home and Corporate banking functions and the ability to authorise transactions initiated by secondary account owners. With WWS Mobile consumers have the ultimate choice in how they interact with their bank, saving them time and rewarding them with greater service convenience and satisfaction.