A simple and direct channel for dialogue

SimplySMS is a tool that creates constant contact between banks and clients, in a simple and direct manner, so that it can establish a relationship that feels like direct dialogue. Furthermore, there is the option for the client to receive streams of personalised information and to send requests in a quick and informal manner.

The SimplySMS module enables the user to always be in contact with their bank through the sending and receiving of SMS.

Features of SimplySMS

  • Access banking information functions.
  • Send instructions to the bank (for example, mobile phone top ups, card top ups etc).
  • Set up the receipt of information within a time schedule selected by the user (for example, receipt of balance at the beginning of the month).
  • Be informed in a timely manner if certain events occur (e.g. warning if balance reaches a certain level, specific transfers, receipt of wages etc).
  • Receive configurable alerts on the prices of specific securities stocks or regarding the receipt of transfer, F24, credit notes, etc.
  • Access certain informative functions quickly by drop calling a toll-free number.

With SimplySMS the bank can manage the client telephone number databases in a simple, flexible and customisable manner, sending differentiated messages according to different criteria: message to an individual client, multiple messages selected by bank code, branch or group of branches, geographical areas, client characteristics (age, gender, services already acquired for cross selling and up selling operations) etc.

SimplySMS is part of the application designed specifically to respond to the advanced requirements of mobile banking: SimplyMobile