The #NextGenBranch

The financial services sector is likely to see more and more banks closing branches because of the reduction in customers using legacy banking channels, cost pressures, reduced footfall, as well as the emergence of digital-only services.

A way forward is Auriga’s #NextGenBranch solution as it encourages the development of a state-of-the-art, customer oriented, remotely supported digital branch.

It can provide access to banking services 24/7 by leveraging advanced assisted self-services and new technologies including video banking, AI, and branch automation solutions.


Banks are confronted with what seems to be an impossible puzzle to solve: even though more and more customers are going cashless and the opportunity for a rationalisation of ATM networks seems strong, access to cash is still essential for many people. Banks are then under great social pressure to ensure all segments of population might have access to cash, while always considering the cost of delivering and whether ATM networks are profitable.

In many countries, ATM pooling agreements are being implemented by banks as the answer to provide widespread cash services in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Among these projects is Batopin, the Belgian ATM Optimisation Initiative, for which Auriga provides complete end-to-end ATM network management.

Case Study: Banca Carige

Banca Carige — one of Italy's leading banking groups, has undertaken a review of its territorial coverage through branches, with the aim of optimising costs and increasing operational efficiency.

Carige Smart Branches, the new intelligent branch model enabled by Auriga's technological solutions, combines digitalisation with the human component for an innovative customer experience.

Carige Smart Branches is a model consisting of a set of digital branches, each of which is equipped with smart technologies that allow customers to access all the bank's services in self-service mode or to interact (in special areas) with the bank's advisors via video assistance in a secure manner.



Recently Auriga was featured in The Sunday Times, one of the UK’s top newspapers, in regards to Carige Smart Branches, equipped by our advanced #NextGenBranch solution.

The Sunday Times was fascinated by the “do it yourself” concept as these branches are equipped with Auriga’s Bank4Me solution allowing customers to access all the branch services in self-service assisted mode around the clock and interact with bank consultants via video conference for more complex transactions in a safe and personalised way.