WWS OnetoOne

Marketing control panel

OnetoOne Marketing Manager is the WWS module for the planning and editing of marketing and customer relations campaigns, starting from a centralised control panel with the possibility of diversifying and personalising messages and services.


OnetoOne enables to devise multimedia campaigns (texts, graphics, images, video) and to:

  • Define the timings of the campaigns and the “marketing elements” to be delivered on the Self Service network, with the possibility of choosing them according to different criteria:
    • Bank code
    • Different self service groups or single self service machine situated in geographical areas
    • Self service machine located in specific locations (for example shopping centres)
    • Groups or categories of clients (for example by age, area of residence, profile taken from CRM, etc.)
    • Individual clients


  • Define when and how certain one-to-one messages ought to be displayed during an operation. For example, during a withdrawal at an ATM the message can appear at various points:
    • During the idle loop phase
    • Authorization phase
    • Messages from the host
    • Money counting
    • Printing of receipt


  • Personalise the menu layout and functions for:
    • Different banking brands
    • Groups of self service terminals
    • Groups of clients


  • Create interactive campaigns with the possibility of:
    • Managing surveys for clients, differentiated by groups of clients or other criteria (Bank code, geographic position, etc.)
    • Receive and manage answers through a specific analysis platform able to calculate the redemption of each direct marketing campaign


  • Personalise the functions menu starting from the profile of an individual client so as to:
    • Offer the clients the functions that they use in an easy and instant manner
    • Offer the client the functions that the bank wishes to promote


  • Give the client the possibility to personalise their own collection of services on all banking channels:
    • Widget/favourites logic on mobile and Internet banking, with the possibility to personalise the functions on the homepage
    • Possibility of displaying the same collection of functions on all channels for banking access


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