Health and safety policy


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Healt and safety policy

The primary objective of all activities carried out in the company must be that of not causing damage to the health and safety of company employees or anybody who has any relationship with the company.

Everybody must contribute towards the fulfilment of this objective as required by each individual’s role and their responsibility within the company.

In conformity with the provisions of the OHSAS 18001:2007 Standard, AURIGA S.p.A. management has established specific objectives in the context of prevention, instituted and implemented a Management System for Health and Safety at work in order to achieve the established objectives and endeavoured to ensure that the Health and Safety Policy is understood, shared and implemented at all levels of the company organisation.

Auriga Management makes available human resources, tools and funds to meet its commitment to prevent accidents and work related illness, to pursue improvement objectives for the health of workers as an integral part of its activities in addition to guaranteeing full compliance with legal requirements, with scrupulous conformance to each single provision as applicable to the company in relation to Health and Safety at work.

Auriga Management shall be committed to assess the effectiveness of the System periodically by analysing the results of internal and external audits, systematically pursuing the improvement of safety and the performance of the System even through the adoption of corrective actions for such purpose.

Specifically, Auriga Management shall be committed to ensure that:

a) aspects related to health and safety are treated as essential content in the definition phase of all new activities or the revision of existing activities;

b) all workers are informed, trained and made aware of the need to carry out their duties in a safe manner and to assume their share of responsibility in relation to health and safety at work;

c) all company departments contribute, each in its own role and with its own expertise, towards achieving the objectives assigned to them;

d) company operations and their relative planning are implemented in such a manner as to safeguard the health and safety of the workers and of any third parties through whom the company may operate;

e) information on company risks is distributed to workers and also to those external third parties that may provide their services, regularly or occasionally, within the context of company operations;

f) there is cooperation between various company resources in relation to health and safety, and that such cooperation is improved continuously and also that the relationship with external entities for the provision of services in relation to health and safety is likewise improved continuously.