Pay and withdraw using a Smartphone

Through research and innovation Auriga created PlainPay. The mobile application is available on Apple IOS and Google Android and revolutionises payments and the use of self service machines, offering a new and extraordinary customer experience.

With PlainPay it is possible to use a smartphone to pay, transfer money, withdraw cash at an ATM without using a card and much more.

All through the simple scanning of a QR Code.

For the bank it is a new and extraordinary service to offer to retail clients and business clients in the trade industry.

Pay using a smartphone

PlainPay enables the in-store payment of purchases without cash or cards, but also money transfers B2B or between private accounts.

With PlainPay it is possible to choose from a number of payment methods:

  • Direct debit to current account
  • Debit/credit card
  • Payment via MyBank, the online payment service created by EBA CLEARING, the payment infrastructure solutions provider owned by 64 European banks which carries out millions of daily payments in 32 countries in the euro zone. Auriga is official partner of EBA CLEARING and MyBank

Ideal for e-commerce and for taking up offers quickly

The only thing that needs to be done is to scan a QR Code on a catalogue or promotional flier in order to activate the order, pay and send delivery details.

With PlainPay there are no queues at the supermarket. It’s easy: scan the QR Code on individual products and pay the total amount with one click, without going to the till.

With PlainPay it is possible to carry out cardless cash withdrawals at ATMs that support the service.

Authenticate and place a digital signature

PlainPay holds all certified information relative to the personal account of the client, and therefore, it can also be used for:

  • The authentication for access to Internet banking.
  • Signing or giving consent on a digital channel.

Enhance client loyalty

With PlainPay the bank offers client businesses in the retail sector a powerful customer loyalty tool.

  • PlainPay enables the retailer to directly credit clients, on their smartphone, with points gained with their purchases in the context of loyalty campaigns.
  • With PlainPay it is easier to launch promotional initiatives through QR Code Couponing conveyed via fliers, e-mail, adverts, catalogues etc.

Paying with your smartphone is secure

  • It ensures a high level of encryption of the dialogue between application and server, based on SSL protocol and on its own algorithms (creation of OTP keys).
  • Eliminates problems related to counterfeit notes or card cloning.

PlainPay is “green”

It reduces the use of paper and plastic, as well as, the installation of hardware equipment.


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